MedFirst Partners Offers Flexible, Customized Direct Primary Care Practice Programs and CAH & Rural Health Expertise

MedFirst Partners Offers Flexible, Customized Direct Primary Care Practice Programs

Rural Health

61 Rural Hospitals have closed. Are you going to wait for Congress or save yourself?

YOU WANT TO THRIVE & YET MANY ARE STRUGGLING TO SURVIVE! You are the heart of rural communities! Patients need you yet a staggering sixty-one rural hospitals have closed in the last three years; 283 more are on the brink of closure. Since January 2013, more rural hospitals have closed than in the previous 10 years combined. It's clear continued cuts in hospital payments have taken their toll, forcing closures and leaving many of our nation's most vulnerable populations without timely access to hospitals, 700,000 patients would lose direct access to care; patients and local economies will suffer. Call MFP now!

MFP On-site Rural/CAH Evaluations & Implementation Processes

Over the past five years hospital administrators, physicians, clinical and operations leadership, board members, communities and patients have experienced up close and personal the impact of policies and legislation that make it difficult for the doors to stay open, for pay roll to be met, for patients to have access to services, to advance healthcare programs and initiatives, expand services, to recruit and retain physicians and an array of other items that create barriers to being sustainable in this new era of healthcare. WE CAN HELP YOU! We understand rural – we have lived it, championed leadership in rural health systems and communities and advocated on the Hill. WE WANT TO SEE YOU THRIVE – MFP WILL CUSTOMIZE A PLAN FOR YOU! While we won’t know which MFP Solution is right for you until we visit, tour and evaluate your unique facility, prior to our on-site, we will study and review all Geographic, Demographic, Economic data as well as all facility specific data such as Census, Admission, Discharge, P&L. Our in-depth expertise allows us to implement what we recommend; from re-building your organization to rebuilding your facility.

  • On-Site Visits
  • FLEX & SHIP Meetings
  • Rural Health Alliance & Network Meetings
  • Leadership Team Meetings
  • Board Meetings/Conferences

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